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Every Fitness Level Starts Some Where- Here’s My Story

I have never been much of a runner. I actually never liked to run it always made my knees hurt and I could not run far without stopping to drink water or walk to catch my breath. I know this sounds odd coming from someone who kick-boxes for an hour straight, and has worked out for many years but my running endurance was awful. I did not not like running therefore I never invested much time increasing my running endurance. When I would run I would make it about two streets I would walk then run two more streets. I am getting older and I decided I need to increase my  cardiovascular endurance since cardiovascular becomes more important to our health as we age. So I started running more frequent two streets at a time then started setting further distance goals. My distance with out stopping slowly increased and my knees became stronger and no longer hurt when I ran. Today I ran 5 miles which sounds far to some and like a walk in the park to an avid runner. My personal goal is not to run marathons but to increase my endurance and stamina. Now I work running into my workouts I usually will run 2-5 miles 1-3 times a week to keep my cardiovascular health in top shape. Contact me so I can help you reach your fitness goal.

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