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Joseph Frantz – 5 star *****
Julie is a great trainer. After a few short months of working with Julie I have been able to reach my fitness goals of losing excess weight (8lbs lost!) and having exponentially more energy. Julie’s enthusiasm for fitness and expertise in a variety of training techniques are unmatched. I am glad I decided to take my health seriously and to others considering making a lifestyle change I highly recommend working with a trainer to stay focused and supercharge your results!


Ashley McGovern – 5 star *****
Been seeing Jules for a month and just signed up again for another month. Absolutely love her! She pushes me to my limits, gives great feedback to my progress, and is worth every penny. I have bad knees but she keeps that in mind with every workout. So nice to have a trainer that is focused on helping me reach my goals.


Michelle Luskin – 5 star *****
If you want a body like a rock star! Julie is the trainer for you!


Charlotte Schlesinger – 5 star *****
Julie is motivating, friendly and overall great at what she does!


Ashley McGovern – 5 star *****
Skype work out with my trainer over 400 miles away. Says a lot about the dedication at Halestorm Fitness to their clients.


Amy Dinh – 5 star ***** 
Hi, my name is Amy and I am 12 and Julie is my neighbor. I have gone over to her house multiple times and she has helped me to become more fit and active. She helped me perfect my handstands and backbends. Not only that but my 10 year old cousin is extremely flexible now because of Julie. I highly recommend coming to Julie if you want to become fit and active. 🙂


Rachel Nguyen – 5 star ***** 
Hi my name is Rachel, I go to my cousins house and she is neighbors with Miss Julie. When I got to my cousins house, I always see Miss Julie and we all exercise together, she taught me how to do a good handstand and a back bend. She is very helpful and a great trainer! 🙂


Micheal Konetzny – 5 star *****    
Well I just started working with Julie last week, I can tell you I already can feel a difference with my body. She is excellent. Today was rough I may not be able to walk for a few days although I look forward to the new me.


Lyn Haukeness  – 5 star *****  
She is a go getter… just listen to her…you must put exercise and healthy eating into your life style.


Jill Aikens – 5 star *****  

Julie is the best. She’s dedicated and cares about her clients. She’s a great trainer she’ll work you you hard… You’ll see results!!



Holly Hogan – 5 star *****
Julie is a great trainer! I love working with her. She motivates but also works at your own pace. In the first month and a half of training I lost 10 lbs. She also has an awesome attitude that keeps you positive and mentally strong through tough work outs!




Julie Hale
 Personal Trainer

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